Request a Letter

Have you always wanted to understand why your favorite breakfast cereals won’t give you super powers? Has your brilliant idea for a peanut butter flavored soft drink been turned down by all of the major beverage manufacturers? Are the secret services not responding to your job application?

We can help you get your important message across and achieve your goals. Write your request to dearferrero [at] gmail [d0t] com today or simply comment to this post.



4 thoughts on “Request a Letter

    • Dear Ferrer… I mean Dear Cindy, the last post dates back from September 3. However, a new letter is about to be ready and will be published this weekend. It is going to be awesome and will feature an all-organic, home-made music video, so do stay tuned!

      P.S.: I might also write to the CIA and ask them about the issue with your reader. We can’t have them tampering with our WordPress accounts, can we!

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