Sonim Technologies – We present The Sonim Text Message Jingle Song

Sonim XP1300 CoreDear Sonim Technologies,

I have never really been that good at keeping track of time, but based on the magnetic moment of the Moon I believe it has been roughly a year since I took the proverbial leap of faith and purchased the widely acclaimed IP-68 certified XP1300 Core. As a firefighter and seasoned outdoor enthusiast I had almost made peace with the idea that no phone on this planet was built just for me. Having previously owned thirteen (13!) mobile phones in just as many years, I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied I am with this remarkable device of unprecedented ruggedness. 

While the phone does suffer from one very distinct flaw (i.e. every other six weeks I have to pretty much turn our house upside down because I keep forgetting where I left the wall charger), there are so many things I like about it that I wouldn’t even know where to start. A feature I am particularly excited about is being able to ask my four-year-old about her first day at school while simultaneously battling an infernal refinery blaze. I also appreciate the fact that the screen is constructed of gorilla glass, which never fails to inspire fear and respect whenever I mention it.

All this, however, fades in comparison to what I truly love most about this phone. It may come as no surprise to you that I am referring to the instantly recognisable text message jingle. While virtually all mobile phone manufacturers pack their devices with a confusing bunch of tedious-sounding text message tunes, your team of engineers hit the nail right on the head with just one single tone so impressive both from a technical and musical point of view that it makes me want to cry tears of joy whenever I hear it. As opposed to some of my musically less educated colleagues and friends, I do fully support your bold decision to disable the uploading of any custom sounds whatsoever. Too many people these days are being allowed to jeopardise their own credibility by making their phones produce silly, annoying, offensive or absurdly discrete sounds. Not so as far as you folks are concerned. As a matter of fact I am so passionate about the Sonim Text Message Jingle that I actually taught myself to sing it in two voices. Give it a shot yourself and you will really understand how much I value your work.

Anyway, since a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, I took the liberty of doing some promotional work for you and spreading the excitement. I thought I’d sample the Sonim Text Message Jingle and turn it into an epic song, which, after careful thought and consideration, I named “The Sonim Text Message Jingle Song”. Believe it or not, it even comes with a beautifully crafted music video, which can be viewed here > I hope you will like it as much as I do.

What’s more, as a result of my promotional work, one of my favourite radio stations has recently started using the Sonim Text Message Jingle for their news broadcasts. Check it out for yourselves!

Rugged regards,

P.S.: The phone got, umm, lost during the shooting of the video. Would you mind sending me a shiny new phone or any other kind of compensation to ease the pain?

*** We are VERY excited about Sonim’s first reaction! ***

Meanwhile, our video has already made its appearance on Sonim Technologies’ official Facebook Page.

*** Our reaction ***

Dear Mr. Plaschke,

Thank you very much for your reaction to our video on Dear Ferrero’s Facebook page. The guys and I are all excited about the idea of getting a new Sonim phone. In return for your generosity we will reward you with a nice picture of our fire fighting company in which we express our enthusiasm for your business. Let me give you the shipping address:
Thomas de Graaff
Dear Ferrero
10405 Berlin

We will very much appreciate whatever you can afford to send us. However let me reassure you: only as little as three of our fellow firefighters do not yet own a Sonim handset.

The above address is our office address. Should you wish to ship the devices directly to the Berlin Fire Department, then please let us know and we will provide you with any information you need. I can be reached around the clock at +49 <CENSORED> and would be more than happy to exchange a few cordial words with you. Many thanks in advance!

Rugged regards,
Thomas & buddies

*** What follows next is Bob Plaschke’s reaction. Bob Plaschke is Chairman and CEO of Sonim Technologies Inc. ***


Thanks so much for the video and the follow up note.  We have all watched the clip, it’s really well done.  Very creative and very consistent with how we like to convey our brand, strong but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Can we do the following

1. We will send you four 3300’s for you and the three firefighters in your company that don’t use our phones.  Enjoy (and thanks for being such a good customer)

2.  We’d love a photo or video with you and your fellow firefighters with our phones, great for us to post on facebook

So, the 3300’s are on their way, thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all with the phones.


Bob Plaschke
Chairman and CEO

Sonim Technologies, Inc.

*** … and here’s a few pictures of the phones ***

Sonim XP5300 Force Sonim XP5300 Force Sonim XP5300 Force Sonim XP5300 Force


9 thoughts on “Sonim Technologies – We present The Sonim Text Message Jingle Song

  1. I don’t know what impresses me more? The fact that you are able to. “ask my four-year-old about her first day at school while simultaneously battling an infernal refinery blaze.”
    Or that you can make all those polize march backwards!
    Don’t tell anyone because it is a big secret, but I am on the judging panel for the Best Documentary Short film for the “Academy of Motion Picture Psuedo-Artists,” and I have nominated you for Best Documentary Short.
    I have a lot of clout so you’ll win.
    Besides I’m the only judge, and it’s my panel.
    But shhh……this is up there with Manilow Interrogation techniqes, super-duper secret stuff…..
    PS- Why do European police/carbineri etc., look so bad ass? And why do they drive such boss cars? I don’t want to offend anybody but American police look kinda like Andy of Mayberry (unless of course they are at a California college with cans of pepper spray engaging in intensive police interventions).
    And why do European coppers drive such boss cars? Check out the last photo:
    American cops drive Ford sedans. Scheesch……
    Gotta go now, I’m looking for some bears up here in Canada~

    • Dear Cindy,

      I still owe you a few answers, so here goes:

      1. Persuading a heavily armed anti-riot police squad to march backwards on camera is a lot more tricky than calling my four-year-old and asking her about her first day at school, so it is generally safe to conclude that the former is more impressive.

      2. I am very excited and honoured about the nomination and will not mention any of this in my victory speech. By the way, you are doing a terrific job keeping the “Academy of Motion Picture Psuedo-Artists” a secret; I am unable to find any information about it, which is yet another indication of how well trained you are.

      3. European coppers might look fearsome but deep down inside they are really anxious and self-conscious people. In fact, one of their main concerns is making sure their pants don’t fall down.

      4. As a result of the above, European coppers and carabinieri usually drive boss cars. Driving boss cars makes them feel lean, mean and strong.

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