Willie’s Cacao – Hacienda Las Trincheras

Willie's CacaoDear Willie, 

I have been a passionate advocate of your first-rate cacao products for as long as arctic foxes have walked the face of the planet. Hardly ever have I seen anyone use the words chocolate manufacturer and visionary in the same sentence, but you have successfully translated your revolutionary ideas into an astonishing array of miraculous flavours and textures, which I – along with thousands of other true chocolate aficionados – am ever so grateful for.

That said, I am afraid I have a minor complaint. You see, just the other day I replenished my stock with a few squares of your fine Venezuelan variants (order ID: 907050). I have never been very successful at maintaining stocks when it comes to chocolate, which may explain why immediately upon receipt of the parcel, I eagerly unwrapped the bar of Hacienda Las Trincheras. The aroma was evocative of adventure and carried my mind back to the tropical evergreen forests of the Amazon. As I sunk my teeth into the product, I was once again overcome by a tremendous rush of joy. From the crispness of the initial bite, the smooth melt and the rich, nutty flavour all the way to the clean finish, this was a work of traditional know-how and craftsmanship with a subtle touch of genius. Anyway, I stood there for another while enjoying myself and then all of a sudden it struck me. The chocolate was gone and I was left with what appeared to be nothing but an empty wrapper.

At first I couldn’t believe it, so I caught the train down to Prague to see my old friend Martin, who is having hip surgery next month. I asked him to have a look at the wrapper and tell me what he thought of it. Martin said he had an idea but he needed a second opinion. After a moment of thought, he took me by the hand and we headed over to his neighbour Dobroslav, who is known to be an expert in the field of paper packaging. Dobroslav subjected the wrapper to a rigorous inspection and, much to my disappointment, affirmed that indeed it was empty, adding that it was a particularly appealing wrapper.

As I write this I am fighting back tears of nostalgia for the sublime chocolate I once held in my hand. Because, you see, nothing else really compares, and the sad matter of the fact is that, since the last-minute train ticket to Prague was so ridiculously overpriced, I am unable to reorder for at least another month. Nevertheless I will carry on to be your most loyal customer as soon as my financial situation is more or less sorted. Meanwhile I was wondering if you could offer me any sort of compensation for what I am currently going through. Your support would be greatly appreciated!


PS: Just now it occurs to me that I wrote this letter using a word processor called Bean while sitting in a bar.

                                         *** Willie’s reaction ***

Yaay, we've got mail!

Dear Thomas;
I would like to thank you a lot for your lovely letter through the post. I am so very glad that you like our chocolate to the extent that you have described. The journey is fantastic – don’t you think!?

Willie's Cacao!

I have enclosed 2 bars of Las Trincheras 72 for you – I hope that this satisfies your cravings for a while longer 🙂

Best wishes and viva cacao!

Willie and Team

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