Ferrero Kinder: Puzzle

Dear Ferrero,

I have a question about the following item:

Source: Kinder Surprise
Item Reference: DC044

It is quite obvious that the animal on top is a monkey (possibly a squirrel monkey or a chimpanzee). We are slightly “puzzled”, however, about what the other creature is supposed to represent. Judging from the colour, surely it can’t be a panda, now can it? And I certainly don’t know of any type of dog that will climb trees, let alone fall in love with a chimpanzee. Is it a raccoon then? A feline of some sort, perhaps? Our youngest has been enquiring about this since last Saturday and by now we are desperate, finding ourselves unable to quench her thirst for knowledge. We strongly believe it is of vital pedagogic importance that this matter be clarified. 

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

Best regards,

Ferrero’s reaction


Subject: Ref 10475 de graaff – Kinder Surprise gadget DC044 (animal puzzle)

Dear Mr. Graaffke,

We would like to thank you for your email which we have read with great attention and in which you asked us which animal is drawn on your puzzle.

The animal drawn on your puzzle seems to be a cat.

The team of consumers service Kinder would like to thank you for your trust in our brand and is at your disposal fur any further questions. For more information we would like to redirect you to our corporate website

Kind regards

Consumer Services Kinder


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